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2013 Gathering of Nations OFFICIAL CD

2013 GON CD
TeePees  Gathering of Nations PowWow
April 24-26, 2014
University of New Mexico Arena "The Pit"
Avenida Cesar Chavez Blvd. SE (Hwy. 25, exit #223)

Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
Gathering of Nations Contributions &
Charitable Donations
Page Updated: April 23, 2014 12:15 AM
Over the past 31 years, since the Gathering Of Nations began...our organization has been involved in numerous Native American community activities throughout Indian Country. These voluntary efforts demonstrate our community mindedness as we continue to achieve the original goals and objectives of the Gathering of Nations, Ltd.
Contribution/Donation Summary:
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  Annual - Provide a comprehensive and free web site to further educate people about the traditions and culture of Native Americans.
  Annual - Provide a free email addresses to Native Americans through GON Mail
  Annual - Gathering of Nations provides Text Book & Lab Fee Scholarships to Graduate Students at the University of New Mexico, click here for more GON Scholarship Information.  
The staff of the Gathering of Nations encouraging everyone to join in the "Pow Wow Green" effort; which
is a collective effort which must be made by all who attend the 2013 Gathering of Nations Pow Wow; to help keep the event clean and litter free. Everyone did their part by not throwing trash and cigarette butts on the ground, but rather in the trash cans and ash cans.
A recycling system was established for everyone to do their part.
 2013 - Provided music lessons for a young music student from San Juan Pueblo, New Mexico
 2013 - GON Sponsored Teen Girls Traditional 2013 Contest in Winter Haven, California.
 2012 - Sponsored Women's Northern Buckskin Contest at the Annual University of Arizona PowWow.
 2012 - Sponsored PowWow Activity in the Chicago, Illinois area.
2012 Bonnaroo

2012 - Gathering of Nations sponsors a Native American Student and member of the San Felipe Pueblo to Intern at the Bonnaroo Music Festival in Manchester, Tennessee;
read July Newsletter for the entire story.
GON Go Green

 2012 -
The staff of the Gathering of Nations encouraging everyone to join in the "Pow Wow Green" effort;
which is a collective effort which must be made by all who attend the 2012 Gathering of Nations Pow Wow; to help keep the event clean and litter free. Everyone did their part by not throwing trash and cigarette butts on the ground, but rather in the trash cans and ash cans. A recycling system was established for everyone to do their part.

Dr Lita Book Giveaway 




2012 - Book Give away by Dr. Lita Mathews was huge!

Once again Dr. Lita's Annual Book Give Away at the Gathering of Nations Pow wow was well received. The book give away took place on Saturday afternoon during the tiny tot dance program. Over 1000 books and plush toys were given away to all the tiny tot dancers who dance on April 28th, Saturday afternoon. Dr. Lita was assisted by Members of the 2012 Miss Indian World Committee and Penny Griego from the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino - Albuquerque. Books were also given away to the Junior and Teen dancers.

  2012 April - Gathering of Nations sponsored the NACA (Native American Community Academy) to sell 2012 Gathering of Nations Program books to assist with travel money for their annual 8th grade trip to Washington, D.C.
This past weekend, April 13-15th, was the annual Guitar Fest held at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina. The Gathering of Nations sponsored the journey for Chebon Koker, a young Native student at the University of New Mexico from Albuquerque to attend the Festival. It was two years ago when the Mathews family met Chebon. They were impressed with his dedicated interest to the guitar and playing classical music. Since first meeting Chebon Koker, he was invited to perform for the Miss Indian World Pageant. After having several conversations with Chebon's family, they described his constant desire to play classical Guitar. Dr. Douglas James, a long time music friend of Derek Mathews, is now Guitar Professor at Appalachian State University and coordinator of the Festival. When the opportunity became available for Chebon to take his talents to be heard by music masters, Gathering of Nations chose to provide Chebon with a great experience of attending Guitar Fest. Chebon traveled to Boone, North Carolina alone to be part of the Guitar Fest. He was provided with 2 master classes, a personal performance and the meeting of other musicians of all ages with the same interest as Chebon. The report from Doug to Derek was that Chebon had a great time. He possess a great talent which needs to be nurtured. The sponsorship of Chebon Koker to attend the Guitar Fest is one of many special sponsorships provided to young people and their families over the past 29 years by the Mathews and the Gathering of Nations.
  2011 September - Gathering of Nations Proud To Acknowledge Award Recipients The National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development (NCAIED) is proud to announce the recipients of the 2011 Native American 40 Under 40, who will be recognized as part of the 36th Annual Indian Progress in Business Awards Event (INPRO) on Thursday, September 08, 2011 at The Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida. The Native American 40 Under 40 recognition was incorporated in 2009 as part of the National Center's 40th Anniversary and highlights 40 existing and emerging American Indian leaders under 40 years of age who have demonstrated leadership, initiative and dedication to achieve impressive and significant contributions in their businesses, communities and to Indian country. Last year, Melonie Mathews (Santa Clara Pueblo/Navajo), Program Coordinator for the Miss Indian World Program and Gathering of Nations received this prestigious award. This year, the Gathering of Nations would like to congratulate two former Miss Indian World's who will be recipients of this award: Shayai Lucero (Pueblo of Laguna & Pueblo of Acoma) Owner, Earth and Sky Floral Designs - Old Laguna, New Mexico Lillian Sparks (Rosebud/Oglala Sioux) Commissioner, Administration for Native Americans, Department of Health & Human Services - Washington, D.C. The Gathering of Nations congratulates them both!
Gathering of Nations sponsors "The Golden Opportunity"2011 - The Gathering of Nations partnered with the “The Golden Opportunity” to sponsor a community project with students from NACA (The Native American Community Academy, in Albuquerque) on micro-activism. The experiment is to see what happens when these students are given a small amount of money and a video camera. The observation is to see the self-resolve in each of them, as they take small scale actions and how they ripple out across the Native American community and the world. ‘We, The Gathering of Nations, believe this movement can change the world; one micro act of love, concern, and desire at a time!' To see the more of these students' micro-activism efforts, visit www.tgo.tv/gon and click the image to the left to view the video.
  2009 - Sponsored 2011 GON Volunteers to attend and research the 2011 Bonnaroo Music Festival in Manchester, Tenn.
  2009 - Sponsored Native American Fashion Show at SWIA (Southwest Inidan Arts Festival) in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
  2009 -  Designed and donated a laptop computer to a Native middle student from San Juan Pueblo in NM.
Jennifer Youngbear 

2008 -
Graduated our first graduate Native student at UNM - Jennifer Young Bear, click here to read full story. Jennifer Young Bear is the first recipient of the “Dr. Lita Mathews - Graduate Scholarship”. The Scholarship is provided by funding from the Gathering of Nations Foundation, click here for more GON Scholarship Information.
  2008 - Sponsored Native American Fashion Show at SWIA (Southwest Indian Arts Festival) in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
  2008 September - Sponsored Native students in Chicago to participate in the annual Chicago Public Schools, Bud Billiken Parade, Title VII Indian Education Formula Grant Program promotes “Native Excellence for 2009”... Click here to read the full press release
  2008 September - Sponsored in part of the powwow at the NM State Fair Indian Village in Albuquerque, NM.
  2007 June - “G.O.N. sponsors young Navajo family to the Magic Kingdom" I had recently received the honor to become apart of the Gathering of Nations Web/Media Team. For years I have always dreamed of... Click here to read the full story.
  2008 - Assisted with the sponsorship of the Memorial Fancy Dance Contest for Darryl Jack, held at the Shoshone Bannock Festival.
  2005 - Established the Dr. Lita Mathews Graduate Scholarship program.
  December 2002 - Gathering of Nations, Ltd. establishes the 'Gathering of Nations Academic Scholarship Foundation' further financially assisting Native American students at the University of New Mexico, the world's largest student population of Native students.
  October 2002 - Gathering of Nations, Ltd. sponsored a terminally ill young Native man, making his wish a reality, by sending him and his family on a four day cruise to the Mexican Riviera.
  1998 - Donated over 200 T-shirts to the Oklahoma relief for tornado victims of Oklahoma City.
  Sent various Native families to Disney World and Disney Land.
  Each year over $2,000,000.00 is taken in by vendors who participate in the market. Assisted with sponsorship of many other related activities.
  Developed numerous academic lesson plans, curricula and other instructional materials for and about Native Americans.
  Advocate for Native American Students in the Albuquerque Public Schools.
  Donated prepaid calling cards and other materials for the American Indian Freedom Ride, raising awareness of diabetes.
  Sent Native American kids to camp, such as the Michael Jordan basketball camps.
  Donations of food to the Albuquerque Indian Center for Thanksgiving feasts.
  Sponsor of local high school R.O.T.C. competitions.
  Sponsorship of school aged students to attend and participate In extraordinary academic projects.
  Provided travel money for Native high school students to travel to Washington, D.C.
  Sponsored a trip for a young, special needs, Native American boy and his family to visit Disneyland with his mom and dad, sister, and brother.
  Purchased custom made computers for handicapped children.
  Sponsored annual Toys For Tots Christmas toy drives. Teepees were filled with toys at the event and then distributed to Indian Children on reservations throughout New Mexico.
  Contributed over $50,000 to a matching federal fund at the University of New Mexico, which provides tutoring and assists college students with finances to travel to conferences and workshops where academic research papers are presented.
  Established the Gathering of Nations Traveling Show, thus giving Native American dancers and other performers the opportunity to pursue this craft, and to experience this form of cultural exchange around the world. The Gathering of Nations Traveling Show has performed in several locations throughout the United States and on the Today Show in New York City. Performed on Broadway, at the Lincoln Center In New York City, the Barbican Center in London England, France, Korea, and Singapore. The Indian Trader's Market is a Native American Economic Enterprise Zone. Allowing Native American artists and trader's the chance for commerce.
North America's Biggest PowWow!
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