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GON 30th
TeePees   Gathering of Nations PowWow
April 24-26, 2014
University of New Mexico Arena "The Pit"
Avenida Cesar Chavez Blvd. SE (Hwy. 25, exit #223)

Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
Gathering of Nations Organization
Page Updated: April 23, 2014 12:15 AM
It is our pleasure to welcome everyone to the Gathering of Nations. It has been said by many that the Gathering of Nations PowWow is the Mecca of Indian Country; while others have said
"There is a magic about the "Gathering".
In the past 31 years the Gathering of Nations has grown from an early, simple dream to one of the world's most recognized annual festivals. From the beginning the concept has always been to produce an event where Native people can come together each year to celebrate and share culture, and a place where singers and dancers can feel confident that the competition is fair to all. It was from those genuine and humble beginnings that the Gathering of Nations PowWow has evolved into the event you see today, as well as its role in many community outreach efforts. None of this could be have been accomplished without the loyalty and dedication of good friends and family.

It was here at the Gathering of Nations that "powwow fever" has shed its warmth on such a wonderful lifestyle, and continues to be of great appeal and intrigue to young people interested in learning more about their own personal tribal traditions and the powwow way. It was Flint Carney, a long time friend and member of the Kiowa tribe, who said, "The greatest thing about the Gathering of Nations is the respect that is shown to all Native people of the world." This the way of powwow life and teachings, which are provided and handed down from the elders to the younger generations.
The Gathering of Nations experience does not end when you leave and head for home, but rather continues in your heart and mind, and reamins with you down the road to the next event, powwow or your own personal family gathering.

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Many people from around the world have made the Gathering of Nations Powwow their travel destination. The
 Gathering of Nations has grown to become more than just a "
Powwow", it's an experience!

At the UNM Arena "The Pit", the Gathering of Nations has had the opportunity to blossom into the most enjoyable, cultural, and entertaining Native festival in North America.
Opening with the Gathering of Nations song for grand entry, the powwow program also includes the crowning of Miss Indian World. Its pageantry, along with its cultural beauty, exemplifies the pride and dignity of the culture and traditions of Native women across the United States and Canada.
Only at the Gathering of Nations will you partake in the isles of shopping throughout the Indian Trader's Market, enjoying the best of native foods, music on Powwow Alley's Stage 49 featuring the Best in Native American Music Performances and Entertainment!
The Gathering of Nations Academic Scholarship Foundation for Native American Students at the University of New Mexico. For more info, click here for more details about the GON Scholarship.
For more information about the Gathering of Nations organization accomplishments and charitable contributions, please click here. To consider making a donation and/or website advertisement, click here.  
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Gathering of Nations Website
Welcome to GON Website
The vision for the Gathering of Nations web site began in 1993 when the reality of the impact of the world wide web was realized. The Gathering of Nations decided that the internet could be a great resource for Native American Indians to connect to other Native and non-Native people world wide to learn about Native American culture and tradition.
In short, the goals of the Gathering of Nations organization to promote Native American Indian culture and dispel stereotypes created about indigenous peoples.
For example, we provide a live web cast of the Gathering of Nations PowWow (provided by www.Powwows.com) for those who are unable to attend and we make the continuous effort to take as many photographs about the entire event and post information in a timely and efficient manner to extended on a much larger and further reaching scale on the internet.
Native American Lakota Star   Today, the Gathering of Nations Web Site endeavors to capture the spirit of the Gathering of Nations organization for all people who visit and return to our site.

Native American Lakota Star  
We strive to bring fresh new and relevant content to our site to further promote Native American culture and tradition.

Native American Lakota Star   The Gathering of Nations is committed to bringing a fun and educational experience to all people through our web site. In order to maintain financial integrity and responsibility, our web site is funded separately from the Gathering of Nations Powwow event. Please share in our vision of growth for our web site and consider a donation specifically for our web site.

Native American Lakota Star   Thank you for reading about our web site. If you enjoy your experience here, please tell your friends and family and if you are able, please consider a donation and/or web site advertisement. Thank you.
North America's Biggest PowWow!
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