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Native American Lakota star A life-long commitment to learning leads to understanding. This has long been and continues to be our belief at the Gathering of Nations. We encourage all people to learn about the richness of Native American and indigenous cultures past and present, and continue to find truth and enlightenment about all First Nations.

We're just getting started on this section and hope you will benefit from the insights of educators from Indian Country. RESPECT THESE PUBLISHINGS! This work is copyrighted to its original writers and is not to be reproduced in any way. If you are a Native educator and would like to submit your articles or creative writings, please send your materials by email to us at website @ gatheringofnations.com (without spaces) for review and consideration. 

Educators and Writers Publish Here: The Gathering of Nations Limited and the Gathering of Nations Web Site have made available a very special section of the web site for Educators and others who write articles and short stories the opportunity to publish on the internet. By submitting your work to the Gathering of Nations Web site for publication, you will be able to meet any and all academic requirements to publish along with getting your material read by thousands of people around the world.  For information on how to submit and to read the works of other authors now published on the Gathering of Nations Web Site, CLICK HERE!
An Indian Prayer An Indian Prayer
Sammy 'Tonekei' White A Tribute to our good friend Sammy 'Tonekei' White
Ballad of the N.A. Indian Ballad of the North American Indian
By D. B. Pawis
COLUMN OF THE AMERICAS: Trauma, Love & History
By Patrisia Gonzalez & Roberto Rodriguez
COLUMN OF THE AMERICAS: Cuahhtemoc Has Landed
By Patrisia Gonzalez & Roberto Rodriguez
Culture Comparison of Cultural Values- Native American vs. European
Creation of Earth The Creation of Earth
By Charlene Bomberry
The Four Agreements The Four Agreements: Toltec Wisdom
don Miguel Ruiz
Future of our Nations The Future of Our Nations: Choosing to Have Our Babies Free
By Eco-taya Guari
Human Sacrifice Among the Aztecs? Human Sacrifice Among the Aztecs?
By Peter Hassler
Buffalo Rock I-nis'kim or the Buffalo Rock
By William Singer III
   The Interpretation of the History

By: Miguel Ángel Mendoza, Cuauhcoatl Tlahui
Vine Deloria Jr.  Interview with Vine Deloria, Jr.
By Paul DeMain, Edited by: Serle L. Chapman
The Legend of the Cherokee Rose The Legend of the Cherokee Rose
By Raven Hail
Message to the People Message to the People
By Wopila - Tlazokamatl
Mexikah Mexikah F.A.Q.
Native Youth Movement Native Youth Movement - Women Warriors
 'Upholding our Responsibility'
Dimensions of Positive Mental Health: Conventional Txt vs. Traditional Chicano
Real Medicine Real Medicine,
By Syd Byrd Hawk
Revival of the Kiowa Gourd Dance The Revival of the Kiowa Gourd Dance
Significance of the Tipi The Significance of the Tipi
The Story of the Turtle The Story of the Turtle Neebing White Eye
The Teachings of the Feather The Teachings of the Feather
By Violet Soosay
2007 East LA College Pow Wow Traditional Gathering at East Los Angeles College
Unknown writer
  Traditional Indian vs. European Industrial Values
By American Indian Education Commission
Traveling to the Beat of a Different Drum Article,
By Rick Huff
The Welcoming of Strangers The Welcoming of Strangers
By Adolf and Beverly Hungry Wolf
What is MEChA?
Women and the Pipe Women and the Pipe
By Susan Bates
Zapata Zapata, The Story of a Hero
By Macedonio Arteaga
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