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Head Staff
Master of Ceremonies
Sammy Tonekei White
Charlie Tailfeathers
Head Man Dancer
Randy Moore
Head Lady Dancer
Joy Anderson
Head Boy Dancer
Jordan Williams
Head Girl Dancer
Melonie Mathews
Head Gourd Singers
Paul Bemore
Roscoe Conklin
Arena Director
Gene Manus
Head Northern Judge
Hazel Umtuch
Head Southern Judge
John McClelland
Drum Judge
Ray Bill

Invited Drums
Kicking Woman Singers
Browning, MT.
Mandaree Singers
Mandaree, ND
Southern Medicine Singers
Window Rock, AZ
Grey Horse Singers
Tulsa, OK
Badlands Singers
Brockton, MT
Alliance West Singers
Albuquerque, NM
Crazy Horse Singers
Manderson, SD
Sweet Grass Singers
Prince Albert, Sask; Canada
Stoney Park Singers
Morley, Alberta, Canada
Sun Eagle Singers
HogBack, NM
Black Mesa Singers
Santa Clara Pueblo, NM
MGM Singers
Apache, OK
Chiniki Lake Singers
Morley, Alberta, Canada

Miss Indian World 1986
Lisa Ewack

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