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the Gathering of Nations Powwow, 1993

...and the 10th annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow!

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Head Staff
Sharon Buffalo/White Eyes
Head Lady Dancer

William Hindsley
Head Man Dancer
Arthur Schrock
Young Man Dancer
Chalene Renee Toehay
Young Lady Dancer
Sammy "Tonekei" White
Dennis Bowen
Gordon Tootoosis
Masters of Ceremony
Randy Medicine Bear
Kenny Merrick, Sr.

Arena Directors
Jordan Williams/White Eye

Northern Judge
Charles Drew
Southern Judge
Ed Trotier
Drum Judge

Invited Drums
Each year several drums are invited to attend the Gathering of Nations Pow Wow. They are carefully selected during the previous summer based on popularity and quality of their singing. We honor them by inviting them to share their songs with all the people who attend the "Gathering".
The songs which are composed by these groups are composed by the singers themselves. It has been said, "the singing" at the Gathering of Nations is of concert quality.
On Saturday evening all of the invited drums come together to sing the Gathering of Nations Song, for the Grand Entry. The song was composed by Arlee Neskahi, a Navajo.
White Fish Bay - White Fish Bay, Ontario; CAN
Grey Eyes, Stroud - Oklahoma
Black Lodge - White Swan, Washington
The Mandaree Singers - ND
Leo Harrison - Head Gourd Singer


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