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the Gathering of Nations Powwow, 1995

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Head Staff
Dawn Little Sky
Head Lady Dancer

Joe Fish Dupoint
Head Man Dancer
Sky Medicine Bear
Young Man Dancer
Candace Gadwa
Young Lady Dancer
Sammy White, Dennis Bowen, Gordon Tootoosis - Announcers
Randy Medicine Bear, Jerome Marcus

Arena Directors
Terry St. John

Head Northern Judge
Shude Victors
Head Southern Judge
Graham Primeaux
Head Southern Drum Judge
Shawn Scabbyrobe
Head Northern Drum Judge
Cornel Pewewardy
Head Gourd Dance Singer

Invited Drums
Each year several drums are invited to attend the Gathering of Nations Pow Wow. They are carefully selected during the previous summer based on popularity and quality of their singing. We honor them by inviting them to share their songs with all the people who attend the Gathering of Nations.
White Fish Juniors
Big River, Saskatchewan, Canada
Cozad Singers
Hominy, Oklahoma
Battle Creek
Cando, Saskatchewan, Canada
White Tail Singers
Macy, Nebraska
Sweetgrass, Saskatchewan, Canada

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