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Tee Pees

Native American Lakota Star Gathering of Nations Native American Lakota Star
April 26-28, 2012
University of New Mexico Arena - "The Pit"
Avenida Cesar Chavez Blvd. SE (Hwy. 25, exit #223)

Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Tee Pees

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2011 Gathering of Nations PowWow

Sammy "Tonkei" White

Sammy "Tonkei" White
Anadardo, OK

Vince Beyl

Vince Beyl
Bemidji, MN


Denise Bowen, Sr.

Dennis Bowen, Sr.
Bemidji, MN

Ruben Little Head

Ruben Little Head
Lame Deer, MT


Jason Whitehouse

Roving Host:
Jason Whitehouse,
Madison Heights, MI

2011 Gathering of Nations Art Work/Poster & Sticker:
Featured Artist
"Keeping Something Safe" Illustration by:
Margarete BagShaw - Santa Clara Pueblo

Poster Graphic Art Effect by:
Rusty Gillette, iFIVE Graphics

To view PDF Flier, click poster image above.  
2011 Gathering of Nations Head Staff:

Head Man Dancer

Head Man Dancer:
Buck Spotted Tail
Rosebud, SD

Head Lady Dancer

Head Lady Dancer:
Leah Omeasoo
Hobbema, Alberta, Canada


Hiram Gleason

Head Young Man Dancer:
Hiram Gleason
Newcomb, NM

Charish Tohay

Head Young Lady Dancer:
Charish Tohay
Anadarko, OK


Head Northern Dance Judge

Head Northern Dance Judge:
Leon Thompson
Satus, WA

Randy Frazier
Head Southern Dance Judge:
Randy Frazier
Oklahoma City, OK
Adrian "YoYo" Cross
Head Northern
Drum Judge:

Adrian “YoYo” Cross
Frog Lake, Alberta, Canada
James Reeder
Head Southern
Drum Judge:

James Reeder
Logan, UT

George "Cricket" Shields

Arena Director:
George "Cricket" Shields
Shawnee, OK

Randy Medicine Bear

Arena Director:
Randy Medicine Bear
Loveland, CO


2010-2011 Miss Indian World

 Miss Indian World 2010-2011:
Dakota Brant
Mohawk Turtle Clan from
Six Nations of the Grand River Territory, Canada
2011 Host Drums:

2010 Northern Drum Winner - Midnite Express

Midnite Express
Minneapolis, MN
"2010 Northern Drum Champions"

2010 Southern Drum Winner - Cozad

Hog Creek, OK
"2010 Southern Drum Champions"

2011 Invited  Drums:
Wild Horse
 North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada
Cedar Tree
Sevierville, TN
Hail Creek
 Taos, NM 
Ghost Canyon
Fort Hall, ID
2011 GON Event Information:
Rainbow Bullet  OFFICIAL 2011 Gathering of Nations Poster
Rainbow Bullet  2011 Stage 49 Performers
Rainbow Bullet  2011 Stage 49 & "The Pit" Arena Performer Schedule
Rainbow Bullet  
2011 Miss Indian World Contestants

Rainbow Bullet  2011 Contest & Special Contest Information

Rainbow Bullet  2011 Stage 49 and "The Pit" Arena ARTISTS
Official 2011 Gathering of Nations Results:
Rainbow Bullet  Meet the 2011-2012 Miss Indian World - Marjorie Tahbone
Rainbow Bullet  2011 Miss Indian World Competition Results
Rainbow Bullet  2011 Miss Indian World Raffle Winners
Rainbow Bullet  2011 Miss Indian World Contestant List
Rainbow Bullet  2011 Gathering of Nations Winners List & Special Contest

Rainbow Bullet  2011 GON Registered Drum Groups
Rainbow Bullet  2011 Miss Indian World Photographs
Rainbow Bullet  2011 Gathering of Nations Photographs

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