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Meet Your 2011-2012 MISS INDIAN WORLD
Marjorie Tahbone -Inupiaq/Kiowa, Nome, Alaska
Marjorie Linne Tungwenuk Tahbone or Kunaq is 23 years old and was raised in Nome, Alaska by her parents Sandra and Carleton Tahbone. Her maternal grandparents are the late Linne Rose and Lillian Rose, her paternal grandparents are the late George Dugan Tahbone Sr. and the late Marjorie Queton Tahbone of Oklahoma.
2011 MIW Crowning
Marjorie has three sisters Toh-cyah-day-mah, Dana, and Vanessa Tahbone. Marjorie is half Inupiaq on her motherís side and half Kiowa on her fatherís side. Marjorie graduated from Nome Beltz High School in 2007 and is currently attending the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF). She is working towards a major in Alaska Native Studies with a minor in Inupiaq language. She is in her final year of college and will continue on to earn her masters in Inuit studies. She hopes that one day she will be able to study in all the circumpolar regions such as Greenland and Northern Canada. By getting this education Marjorie hopes to become a cultural bearer and take part in keeping her Inupiaq tradition strong and alive. During summers Marjorie is a fisheries technician, restoring fisheries in Nomeís rivers. She loves her job because she gets to spend all day outside along the rivers. Growing up in Nome Marjorie lead a subsistence lifestyle; picking berries and edible plants, fishing and hunting, and preparing ugruk (bearded seal), aiviq (walrus), and tuttuvak (moose) to store for winter. Marjorie also participates in the Native Games and competes at the annual World Eskimo Indian Olympics (WEIO) and is a member of the UAF Inu-Yupiaq Traditional Dance group.

How Did You Feel When you won the Title?
Miss Indian World LogoďIt was pretty amazing when I heard my name announced. It just never occurred in my brain that it could happen. I had never been exposed to that here in Alaska, because we donít really compete in these types of titles at this level. Itís a great feeling bringing it to the Alaskan people, I think also it will connect me to my other side, my Kiowa side. Iím super excited for this year. I always wanted to travel; now I have that opportunity and itís pretty cool. Iíll probably have the chance to go to different countries, too.Ē
-- Marjorie Tahbone, Indian Country 5/30/11
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