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Gathering of Nations
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Tee Pees Native American Lakota Star Gathering of NationsNative American Lakota Star
April 26-28, 2012
University of New Mexico Arena - "The Pit"
Avenida Cesar Chavez Blvd. SE (Hwy. 25, exit #223)

Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
Tee Pees
2012 GON - Contest & Special Contest
Page Updated: December 29, 2012 - Check Pages for Frequent Updates - Press F5 on your Keyboard to view new update
Over $200,000 in Cash & Prizes to be Awarded
32 Categories - Elder’s 70+, Golden Age 55-69, Tiny Tots 0-6,
Juniors 7-12, Teens 13-18, and
Adults 19-54
$2,000 for First Place in All Adult Categories (19-54)

$5,000 First Place “WORLD CLASS” Northern Singing Contest
$5,000 First Place “SOUTHERN CHALLENGE” Singing Contest

Singing Women’s Back-up - Northern & Southern Styles:
$1000 Winner-Take All - Maximum of 6 Singers per registered Drum

Hand Drum Singing Contest (Saturday Afternoon)
Men & Women Combined (No Age Limits) – 1st Place: $500
2012 GON - Dance Contest & Head Staff Special Contests
Grass Vs. Chicken Dance Rainbow Bullet  Midnight Special: MEN’S GRASS VS. CHICKEN
1st Place: $1000 and Trip for 2 to Las Vegas, Nevada (3 days)
Winners must be prepared to begin travel from April 29-May 1, 2012 or trip is forfeited.
(Dancers must be over 21 years old)
Kenny Pratt Jr. Rainbow Bullet  Men's Fancy Dance Special
Sponsored by Kenny Pratt, Jr.
“Honoring Family & Giving Back to the Circle”
Urseloria Kanuho Rainbow Bullet  Women's All-Around Special (3 Categories)
Sponsored by Urseloria Kanuho
1st Place: $2000
2nd Place: $1000
3rd Place: $800
4th Place: $600
5th Place: $400
Head Lady Dancer, Urseloria Kanuho is sponsoring a Women's all-around dance competition, to all interested adult women dancers. At the Gathering of Nations, the all-around competition will focus upon three different women's styles of dance each time. The three dance styles chosen by Urseloria are Women's Jingle, Women's Traditional and Women's Fancy. Urseloria Kanuho is a high energy, champion fancy shawl dancer.
Talon White Eye Rainbow Bullet  Teen Boys Traditional Special
Sponsored by Talon White Eye
1st Place: $800
2nd Place: $600
3rd Place: $400
4th Place: $200
5th Place: 100
Plus Jackets for All Winners
Fancy Shawl Rainbow Bullet  Teen Girls Fancy Shawl
Sponsored by Athena Bugg
1st $500 + Jacket, Plus 4 places
North America's Biggest PowWow!
Miss Indian World Stage 49 Indian Traders Market
Special THANKS to our web site sponsors.
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