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GON 30th
TeePees Gathering of Nations PowWow
April 24-26, 2014
University of New Mexico Arena "The Pit"

Avenida Cesar Chavez Blvd. SE (Hwy. 25, exit #223)

Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
Welcome to the Official Blog for Miss Indian World 2013-2014 Kansas K. Begaye
Follow Kansas on her experiences across Indian Country and Canada.
Page Updated: April 25, 2014 01:56 AM
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March 22, 2014
Denver March PowWowDenver March Powwow in Denver, CO
I had the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful powwow and meet a few other royalties in the process. I was able to participate in both grand entries on Saturday. I met a lot of great and new people from different tribes. I loved meeting my fellow royalty sisters in our lineup. The array of different representatives from local communities to schools. The beautiful dancers and singers all made the event amazing. This is such a great environment to make new friends and families to last a lifetime. Everyone was excited to attend the next big powwow, The Gathering of Nations Powwow! I hope to see you all there this year. 
Denver March 2014Denver March 2014 
March 12th, 2014
Red Mesa, AZ - Red Mesa Royalties Navajo Cultural Night
Red Mesa, AZI got invited to attend a community cultural event for Red Mesa, AZ. I loved seeing all of the community attend the event in hopes to learn something from us royalties. I was given the opportunity to talk about my knowledge of our cultural values and give advice to the other reigning royalties about the etiquette of how to present yourself as a Native role model. The best quality to have as a representative is to believe in yourself and be a humble person. The Dine culture teaches us to “Walk in Beauty” or Hozho Naasha. As young Navajo girls coming into being a young woman we are taught many lessons from our grandmothers, mothers, and aunties. I believe that each and every one of you are beautiful, unique and strong. I also had the chance to bring along my grandmother, Nali Aszdaa’. 
Red Mesa, AZ           Red Mesa, AZ
February 28th, 2014

San Pasqual High School

I had a the opportunity to speak to the students at San Pasqual Elementary, Middle school, High school, and faculty. This was a wonderful experience to share my thoughts and hopes with these students.

I spoke to the elementary students about loving one another and being appreciative to their parents. I provided information to the middle school students about loving themselves because Native Americans have the highest rate of suicide for minority students.

I also spoke to the high school students about higher education and looking at colleges to attend. The high school was made up of Native students and other minorities.

I wanted to get through to them and talk about how the decisions you make today will affect your life later on. We all need to strive to live a good life as “Walking in Beauty” ( Hozho Naasha).

I had the opportunity to speak to the teachers in a special after school in-service meeting and share a few songs. I spoke to them about how different students come from different families and that they are there to care and teach these young individuals. I wanted them to see that they may possibly be teaching the next senator, lawyer, and doctor one day. The main message I gave was about how your dreams and goals are possible as long as you believe in yourself.

MIW Travels to CA
February 28-March 1st, 2014

34th Annual Early Spring Celebration Pow Wow - Winterhaven, CA


I enjoyed this Pow Wow because the weather was not ideal but I loved feeling the female rain that we had during the powwow. The realization that spring was coming and that celebrating this beautiful season was spent in a Pow Wow. The Pow Wow had many people from different areas join together in this Pow Wow circle. They also had Bird Dancing which was a traditional dance of the Quechan tribe. I loved seeing the different dances.

February 12, 2014
NM State Capitol, Santa Fe, New Mexico
I was honored on this day to be honored by the Senate and House of Representatives on my achievement on becoming Miss Indian World.
I was given a certificate of achievement from both the Senate and Representatives side. Senator Mark Moores introduced me on the Senate side and Representative Sharon Clahchischilliage introduced me at the House of Representatives.
I was so humbled and honored by this experience and also had the opportunity to meet New Mexico's Governor Susana Martinez.
It was an honor to represent all Indigenous tribes at this governmental level.
2014 Seminole Tribal Fair
February 6-9, 2014
Seminole Tribal Fair - Hollywood, Florida
The 2014 Seminole Tribal Fair was a wonderful gathering to attend.
I loved seeing all of their beautiful Seminole dresses and I judged the Little Mr. and Ms. Seminole Pageant.
I enjoyed meeting all of the little girls and boys who had the courage to stand in front of a crowd to represent. They had to answer a question and dress in their traditional outfits. I loved the wonderful hospitality of our hosts and I hope to return to the fair one day again in the future.
November 11-12, 2013
Bacone College - Muskogee, Oklahoma2013 Muskogee, OK
The Bacone College was an event about recruiting new students in attending Bacone College.
The morning started off with a prayer and I shared a small speech about education and how imperative and empowering getting your education is.

We then headed to the chapel for Bacone hour which featured our Native American group. We had a Navajo prayer there from one of the students and then a powwow song was sung by another student.

I shared a few prayer songs with the big crowd from the campus who were Native and non-Native along with all the surrounding and visiting royalties.
Later that afternoon we all returned to the meeting hall and finished up the event with various presentations.  
November 8, 2013
Cleveland High School Miss Indian Pageant - Rio Rancho, New Mexico
The V. Sue Cleveland High School Miss Indian pageant, was interesting because I never really knew we had such a big population of Native Americans living in Rio Rancho, NM.
It was nice to go to an event that was in my own back yard. The pageant was fairly small but seemed to have a lot of young native girls who wanted to represent their school in a good way and they wanted to let the community know that there are Native Americans in the Rio Rancho Community. The contestants wanted to influence the Native American youth more on cultural values and their native languages.
2013 Cleveland Miss Indian Pageant - Rio Rancho, NM
October 31-November 02, 2013
Northern Arizona University - Flagstaff, AZ
On 11/01/13, I had a 3 hour lecture about the Navajo philosophy of Cultural Values. I told the Northern Arizona University students creation stories, shared traditional songs, and even shared with them my story on how I became Miss Indian World.
I was able to show them clips of the pageant and my crowning as 2013-2014 MIW and loved my presentation. Later that evening the students wanted me to return and do another another presentation at their Native American Center for their Native community.
I did a similar presentation but told more traditional Navajo stories which were appropriate for the winter season.  
October 24-28, 2013
Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations Pow wow/Miss FSIN Pageant - Saskatoon, Canada
o 10/24/13 - Arrival, they tribe had a little welcoming group come with a cute sign that had my name on it. I was able to meet our host and the current raining Miss FSIN Faith Ketchemonia.

o 10/25/13 - We ate breakfast with 2012-2013 Miss FSIN then we headed to downtown Saskatoon to participate in the Flag Raising Ceremony. They raised the Treat # 6 flag and the Metis Flag. It was a great honor to see these flags raised and inclusion of both dignitaries from their government along with a representative from Queen Elizabeth and the chiefs from the local First Nations tribes... This event helped me understand their issues that they faced and have overcome. Afterwards they had soup and bannock to serve to everyone along with entertainment. I was able to share a few songs and words of encouragement at the event. Later that day we went to the powwow for grand entry and I participated in the inter-tribal dances.
2013 Saskatoon, Canada

o 10/26/13 - I participated in the FSIN powwow all day, being apart of the Grand Entries, inter-tribal dances and even got the opportunity to judged all the Junior and Teen Boys/Girls dance competitions. In the evening, we met the 2013 Miss FSIN contestants and listed to them read their speeches to the crowd.

o 10/27/13 - In the morning, I interviewed the contestants for Miss FSIN all and we participated in the powwow activities all day and we crowned the new 2013-2014 Miss FSIN Kaith Ketchemonia.

o 10/28/13 - I presented at the Oskayak High School, located in Saskatoo, SK. I loved going to this High School because I saw the great need in inspiring the students to stay in school and to help further their education by going to college.
The school only had 3 graduates, 4 years prior and this past year in 2012 they had 25 students graduate from the high school.
The school was doing a great job in trying to keep their students in school. I spoke to the students about cultural values, higher education, and self determination; all while sharing a few songs.
The students were a great crowd and seemed to appreciate my presence and the words I had to share with them.  
October 18-20, 2013

Native American Women’s Conference - Bishop, CA

The Women’s Wellness Conference was a wonderful event to attend.

The women in the area are secluded and needed some time to enrich their lives. I was fortunate enough to present a lecture about "The Roles of Navajo Women"; I took on many teachings from my education in Women Studies with the psychological effects on how women seem to leave themselves last in their daily routines and how just taking a simple few minutes can make a difference.

In my presentation, I showed how the beauty of our Navajo Coming of Age Ceremonies play a big role in my life and my culture.

I taught them attendees to believe and pray for themselves. It was such a wonderful experience that also helped me!

2013 Native American Women's Conference - Bishop, CA
October 12, 2013
Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta - Albuquerque, New Mexico
Miss Indian World attends a beautiful morning at the  2013 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta and interviews with KOB Action 7 News Co-Host and weatherman Steve Stucker.
2013 Balloon Fiesta
October 5, 2013
Northern Navajo Fair - Shiprock, NM
The Shiprock Fair is an event I attended ever since I was a child. The reasoning behind having this fair is to have the Yei’Bi’Chei’s dance and bring in the winter. The harvest from the crops are all sold and made into different traditional foods for the Dine people. I participated in the parade as the honored Grand Marshal.
The morning of the parade was very cold but never the less people still camped out the night before just to get a good spot for the parade. People were bundled up early in the morning just to watch the parade. I remember being in this parade when I was 10 years old as Miss Tse’Daa’Kaan’. Also participated in the Pow-Wow and did the invocation. I assisted in judging a few categories.
For The People Benefit Concert- Flood Relief for the Navajo Nation 10/05/13 Different Native artists came out from all over for a great cause and donated their time to get items to give to the families who had significant damage to their homes across the Dine Nation. The concert included people like Pax Harvey, Radmilla Cody, Sihasin, Joe Tohannie Jr., and more. I brought over for donations 500 toothbrushes and toothpaste. Farmington Roundtable To Bring Native & Minority Women Business Leaders Together in Farmington, NM.
Miss Indian World 2013 Fall
October 4, 2013
Farmington Roundtable To Bring Native & Minority Women Business Leaders Together in Farmington
Business women that represented different groups of people in their own specialty were there to talk about issues that Native& Minority women face and how they can make a change. I was so honored to be among these women and let alone speak to them. I fortunately have a degree in Native American studies with a minor in Women Studies therefore I spoke about how feminism even came about. I talked about how Indigenous women are all very well respected in our cultures and how we lead an important role in our own tribes. We need to give each other support and we need more Native American women in the different professions like dentistry, the medical field, the political realm, and owning our own businesses.
Some of the women who attended were:
Sharon Clahchischilliage, New Mexico House of Representatives
Nevina Kinlahcheeny, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Martha Shelly, First Lady of the Navajo Nation
GloJean Todacheene, San Juan County Commissioner
Rebecca Carter, New Mexico Gas Company
Cathy Newby, Public Service Company of New Mexico
Marge Lantana, Tribal Leader of the Eastern Navajo Agency Council
Betty Ojaye, Director of the Navajo Preparatory School
Ramona Begay, White Rock Chapter President
Eliza-beth Washburne, Community Involvement Specialist for the Northern Navajo Local Governance Support Center
Rhonda Ray, Advertising Manager for the Fire Rock Navajo Casino
Sunny Dooley, Diné Storyteller and Keynote Speaker  
Saturday , September 14th

New Mexico Mission of Mercy- Farmington, NM

The New Mexico Mission of Mercy was a free dental clinic that provided thousands of free dental work for anyone that needed dental work; regardless of income. This event was put on by New Mexico Dental Foundation where I worked  for 13 hour days for 2 days.

There were thousands of volunteers that donated their time to help these people in need of dental work.

We had many important people that attended the event and I assisted in touring them through the event such as the Navajo Nation Vice President-Rex Lee Jim, San Juan County Commissioner, and Representatives from around the state as Miss Indian World.

I loved this event because I was able to see firsthand how I could help people one on one.

-- Miss Indian World 2013-2014 - Kansas K. Begaye

Tuesday, September 10th

Miss Utah Navajo Pageant - Montezuma Creek, UT

I was invited to the pageant by the Navajo Nation Office of the First Lady, Martha Shelly.

Special thank you to the Navajo Nation and Navajo Nation Executive Protection Services who provided my accommodations and transportation.

I was the judge for the 2013 Miss Utah Navajo Pageant and I was able to speak and provide entertainment to the community.

The pageant was a great event and I had a great time.

-- Miss Indian World 2013-2014 - Kansas K. Begaye

MIW Blog
Friday, September 6th

Navajo Nation Fair and Miss Navajo Nation evening gown/fashion show- Window Rock, Arizona

I arrived in Window Rock, AZ at 8:00 am and set up my booth by the Navajo Arts& Crafts building.

II spoke to the audience for the Miss Navajo pageant during their Contemporary Talent competition and I was able to head to the pow-wow inside the fair grounds and stopped by the Song and Dance arena.

Later that evening, I attended the Miss Navajo Nation evening gown competition and judged that portion of the Miss Navajo Nation Pageant.

The pageant coincided with the regular Fashion Show at the Navajo Arts& Crafts building.

-- Miss Indian World 2013-2014 - Kansas K. Begaye

Wednesday, September 4th

Miss Navajo Nation Fair Butchering Competition - Window Rock, AZ

I have always wanted to attend this portion of the Miss Navajo pageant. The Miss Navajo council was very accommodating and had me sit right in front with the Navajo Nation President. I was able to watch the butchering, fry bread making, and impromptu questions (In Navajo) competition. I also shared a few songs and jokes with the crowd. I walked around the fair and took lots of photos with people. I am glad I finally was able to see this part of the pageant.

-- Miss Indian World 2013-2014 - Kansas K. Begaye

Saturday, August 31st

Totah Festival - Farmington, New Mexico

The 2013 Totah Festival was a wonderful event that included many events in one.

They had a pow-wow, rug action, and also arts& crafts. This venue was attended by many people both Native and non-Native where I was able to judge the Teen Girls Fancy Shawl, Jingle Dress, and Traditional categorizes at the pow-wow.

I loved watching the girls dance with all of their colorful regalia and I assisted in the Rug Auction by holding up the rugs and speaking about how weaving is important to Navajo culture...I loved attending this event.

-- Miss Indian World 2013-2014 - Kansas K. Begaye

Wednesday, August 14th

Thomas Gonzales USDA at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center - Albuquerque, NM

 The USDA Conference at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico was a great event that I was able to speak about Native cultures to other non-Natives.

I was able to present a slide show presentation about different topics across Indian Country. In my presentation I shared with them, my Kinaalda Ceremony (Navajo Woman's Coming of Age).

 I shared a few songs with them the group that primarily consisted of professional people in other parts of U.S. that wanted to learn a little about Indigenous communities and issues.

-- Miss Indian World 2013-2014 - Kansas K. Begaye

Tuesday, August 13th

Career Prep High School - Shiprock, New Mexico

This event was so great!

I was able to speak about higher education for the high school students along with other issues: Teen Pregnancy, Suicide prevention, Substance Abuse and Alcoholism.

The students were a great audience and I just loved speaking to them.

I also shared a few songs with them and I had a part in my performance were I let the students interact with me on stage through the “Go My Son” song which included sign language and students actually requested that.

-- Miss Indian World 2013-2014 - Kansas K. Begaye

JULY 27, 2013


This past July, Kansas Begaye served as a Judge along with Miss Florida USA, Brittany Oldehoff and Student Development and Activities Coordinator at Haskell University, Manford King; for the 56th Annual 2013 Miss Florida Seminole Princess Pageant in Hollywood, FL.

Almost every year Miss Indian World is invited to serve as a judge for the Miss Florida Seminole Princess Pageant on the Hollywood Reservation in Hollywood, FL. The Seminole Tribe of Florida takes pride in hosting their contestants and judges at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, where a week full of judging and activities take place. This year Kansas was able to share some of her traditional Navajo culture with the Seminole people, as well as taking in some of the Seminole culture. She visited the Big Cyprus Reservation in the Everglades, had a firsthand encounter with alligators on an airboat ride, and learned about the other wild animals that live in the Everglades of South Florida. The experience Kansas had was quite memorable as the Seminole Tribe honored her with a traditional Seminole patchwork skirt for being a judge.

Kansas sends her many thank you's to the Miss Seminole Pageant Committee and the Seminole Tribe of Florida for their hospitality.

JULY 13, 2013


On July 13th, Kansas Begaye was honored by her community in Kirtland, New Mexico on becoming Miss Indian World (back in April at the Gathering of Nations Powwow).

A parade and reception was held in her honor at the Nenahnezad Chapter House in Kirtland, NM.

Kansas in return honored a few people for begin apart of her life and influencing her to pursue her dreams and aspirations.

The community of Kirtland, came to the reception and showed their support of the hometown girl winning such a prestigious title. The Navajo Nation tribe donated 2 custom made cakes in her honor with the seal of the Navajo Nation on one and on the other the Miss Indian World logo and photo of Kansas winning her title.

A representative of the President of the Navajo Nation spoke on the tribe's behalf in recognizing and congratulating Kansas. The day was filled with song, entertainment, and wonderful food that was prepared by both Kansas's family and other members of the community.

On behalf of the Miss Indian World Committee and the Gathering of Nations, we want to thank the Nenahnezad Chapter House for hosting such a wonderful and special event for Miss Indian World.

JUNE 2013
I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to the Bahamas starting on June 20th.
I was aboard the cruise line called the "Disney Dream Cruise".
It was a magical few days starting with the island Nassau, Bahamas then onto Disney’s very own island, Castaway Island.
It was an experience of a lifetime and I will always remember my time in the Bahamas with the Mathews family and Nikki Santos.
Thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity to meet Captain Mickey!
2013 Miss Indian World
North America's Biggest PowWow!
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