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There are SO many GREAT Native and Native related sites out there, here are just a few that we've discovered so far. We're just getting started expanding our links section, please check back soon (and be sure to click your 'REFRESH' button).

Updated: June 10, 2007

Native Musicians and Music Related Sites

Native Artists at the 2007 Gathering of Nations: Litefoot, Eli Secody, Irene Bedard & Deni & Jim Boyd, Dallas Arcand, Gabriel Ayala, Sonny Nevaquaya, and Blues Nation, Strike, Shelley Morningsong, Bar Nine, The Jir Project, Darren Geffre, Gary Farmer Band, Native Roots, Los Inkas Native, Keith Secola, P-Nut Iron Star, Mystic Vision, Charley Lowry, Hustla, Red Elk, Ella Rose Clark, Wagon Burner Band, and N8V.
Note to artists: If your site is not linked above or you would like a different page linked, please contact us so we may add your link to our web site and help promote your music!
John "Yafke" Timothy -
Rivercane flutist from the Muscogee Nation of Oklahoma.
Talented up and coming Native Guitarist who performed at the 2007 G.O.N., Gabriel Ayala. Visit his web site or MySpace page.
Dreamtalker Musik. Dreamtalker on My Space.

Our good friends, ThunderHorse Singers - a Northern-style intertribal singing group located in Northern Oklahoma.
Midnite Express MSN e-group
Native Hip Hop > Index - forums, guestbook, and columns.
Troy De Roche - Expressing traditional values and the spiritual nature of Native American people through music is the goal of Native American (Blackfeet) flautist Troy De Roche. He achieves this by playing his original songs from the heart without synthesizer or sampling so the true voice of the flute may be heard.
TerryLee Whetstone - Unique and original fine artwork and music steeped in the traditions of his Cherokee ancestors.
Michael Jeans Comanche/Cherokee - "The Gordon Lightfoot on Native American Music". Michaels message is a message of unity among all the Nations in a troubled land and leadership to the young for future strength of the Tribes.
Janice-Marie - World Premier of the new Native American and contemporary hit "Until the Eagle Falls" by Grammy® Award Winner and three time nominee, Janice-Marie with special guest Robert "Tree" Cody. Also see http://tastebudsrecords.com/.
King of the Road Music - Baseball Songs Sports Heroes. CD about people who have made a difference on and beyond the ball field. A number of the songs are about great Native Americans such as Louis Sockalexis of the Penobscot Nation and Smokey Joe Williams. Another song, I'm not your Mascot, I'm a Man!
Big City Indians - "Native Indian Power Groove" - A six man line up, including Perry Silverbird (Navajo/Apache/Cherokee) on the flute, is responsible for a new sound - more Rock, more Ethno and even more Indian Spirit.
The Heyoka - Native American band with Native American Rock written by Anne Yellow Flower. Advocates saving the West Yellowstone Bison. Music clips, links, buffalo rescue, and more.
John Two-Hawks - an internationally acclaimed performing artist. American Indian Flute Player, Musician, teacher and artist. Great site with sound clips, book excerpts, photos, booking information, and more.
Aztlan Underground - from the streets of Los Angeles, a unique urban sound of funk and fury. Blending the power of Rock with the soul of Hip Hop, and the roots of Indigenous traditional music. Audio, video, lyrics, and a whole lot more.
The American Indian Media Network (includes Internet Radio)
Jim Boyd - thunderwolfrecords.com is the official web-site of Native American singer/songwriter Jim Boyd. His songs are on the soundtrack for the movie "Smoke Signals," which received a NAMMY for Best Compilation.
Songstick - Native American Flutes and Music.
Humming Bird Singers - a family southern drum group from North Fork, CA which was formed by Brian Elliott and Anthony Elliott.
"Echoes in the Wind" - a weekly radio program featuring Native American music, stories, news and interviews. Online music clips and much more.
 International Country Music Association
George Kahumoku (Hawaiian) - George is one of Hawaii's best known performers of slack key guitar music.
Native Artists that appeared at the 2001 Gathering: Native actor Irene Bedard, William Gutierrez, Star Nayea & band, Robert Mirabal & band, Clan/destine, Sherry Marquelle, Native Roots, and Ulali.
Native American Flutist Robert 'Tree' Cody.
 Indian Actor and Rapper LITEFOOT: Red Vinyl Records and Litefoot Ent.
 Ulali - Official Home Page of the First Nations Women A CAPELLA TRIO
 Step into the journey of N.A. flute music, by Charles Littleleaf, CD's+
 Ancient Vision Native American Flutes by Charles Littleleaf
 First Nations Artist - NADJIWAN: 'driving music alternative flavour'

 Bill Miller
 Bill Soza
 Black Lodge Singers
 Brent Michael Davids
 Canyon Records
 Center Records
 Charlie Hill
 David Little Elk
 Ed Lee Natay
 Gary Small Band
 Institute of American Indian Art
 Jackie Bird
 Jay Begay
 Joanne Shenandoah
 John Trudell & Bad Dog
 Joseph Fire Crow
 Joy Harjo
 Keith Secola
 Kevin Locke
 Lunar Drive
 Mary Youngblood
 Medicine Dream
 R. Carlos Nakai
 Red Earth
 The Redhouse Family
 Red Vinyl Records
 Rita Coolidge
 Robert Mirabal
 Sharon Burch
 Sherman Alexie
 Silverwave Records
 Wendy Mahsetky Poolaw


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