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There are SO many GREAT Native and Native related sites out there, here are just a few that we've discovered so far. We're just getting started expanding our links section, please check back soon (and be sure to click your 'REFRESH' button).

Last Updated: January 15, 2007

Organizations & Events:

Spirit Lake Consulting, Inc. - resources to American Indian and other disadvantaged communities by providing training (specifically disability training), evaluation, grant writing, and planning services.
WOLE - Web of Life Enterprises - While many people are sympathetic to the needs and misfortunes of others, it is often hard to comprehend the extent of the difficulties some people on Indian reservations can face.
Chilocco Indian Agricultural School - History, community, alumni.
Ancient Storytellers Tours - Native-Owned Organization that is committed to educating visitors about Northern New Mexico and the history of the Pueblo People. Offering pueblo tours and cultural events.
Federal Student Aid - Student Aid on the web.
American Indian Association of Millington, TN - The AIA exists as a social support group that provides assistance to American Indian Heritage , promotes Indian Culture and supports Community and National Environmental endeavors. The AIA is a 501C3 Organization, founded in 1987.
First Nations Monday, Inc. - prayer network and Internet resource ministry.
National Society for American Indian Elderly - The NSAIE was established in 1987 to assist all Indian Elderly service programs, both on-reservation and off, to improve the quality of life for American Indian elders.
Navajo Way, the United Way of the Navajo Reservation, Window Rock Arizona. Navajo Way is the United Way of the Navajo people serving the human-care needs of the Navajo Nation residents in New Mexico and Arizona. Contributions go directly to affiliated agencies which serve Navajo Nation residents to help improve the quality of life and to solve the community's most pressing needs.
Swedish American Indian Association - Formed in 1968, the aim of this association is to support native people by various means, to spread knowledge and to act against racism. We are a non-profit member organization. Our activities circle around craft, lectures, giving information and the festival we have every summer.
Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians (ATNI) and its Economic Development Corporation is one of the oldest and most respected tribal organizations in the Northwest. Established in 1953 by Tribal leaders, ATNI represents 54 Tribes from Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Alaska, Montana, Nevada, and Northern California. It's primary goal is to protect tribal sovereignty and facilitate tribal economic self-sufficiency. ATNI-EDC is presently aiding in the development of a culturally appropriate Northwest Tribal Tourism program.
 AIM (Attitude, Insight, Motivation) Motivational Seminars - Adult and Youth Seminars, Workshops and Retreats for Native American Indian Organizations -Leadership - Professional and Personal Development.
 Unity Ride 2001/2004 - To carry on the vision of the Lakota people, spiritual leader Arvol Looking Horse and Chief Ernest Sundown of the Joseph Bighead Cree bring you the Unity Ride. Links, photos, schedule, and more.
Intertribal Bison Co-op - A non-profit organization. 51 Native American Tribes uniting for a common goal: Restoring the American Bison to it's rightful range.
ICIS - THE INSTITUTE FOR COOPERATION IN SPACE. The Institute for Cooperation in Space (ICIS) is a 501-C-3 tax-exempt, non-profit foundation whose mission is to educate about U.S. legislation H.R. 3616 Space Preservation Act of 2002 (and forthcoming Senate bill) and the Space Preservation Treaty.

 United Native America - A nation wide group working on promoting Native American Heritage in all areas to include education. Their main issue is to bring about a national holiday for all Native American groups, and they working to bring about a national television station owned and run by Native Americans. SIGN THE PETITION! Their online petition is now over 17,400.
 Falmouth Institute Online. For more than 15 years, the Institute has been assisting Indian tribes, tribal organizations and government agencies to meet the complex challenges of Indian Country.
Bill Helmich Associates - one of the preeminent training firms in Indian Country specializing in providing the best quality Indian oriented assistance, such as exceptional seminar training, superior technical assistance, and outstanding consulting services.
 June 21st is WORLD PEACE DAY - Official site for more information.
 Catawba Cultural Preservation Project; a non-profit Cultural Center for the Catawba Indians
 Must see for businesses considering New Mexico nmsitesearch.com

Tribal Sites and Related Tribe Information:

Mohawks of Kahnawake - official web site of the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake.
Xeni Gwet'in - People of Nemiah

www.tlanextli.com - Traditional Aztec Dancers from Tacuba in Mexico City. Travels throughout the U.S. teaching people about their ways through their traditional dances.
 Wells Band Colony of Western Shoshone - The Tribal Circle
 Standing Rock Sioux Tribe - Official site. History, Messages, Government, Law & Order, Archives, Warriors, Directory, Slideshow, Humor, & more.
 AztecDancers.com. Salinas family from Mexico City, Mexico, a traditional family of Aztec Dancers. Beautiful Site with information and photos.
 Blackfeet Nation
Cheyenne River Sioux
 Nez Perce
Northern Cheyenne
 Sac and Fox
Santee Sioux (Nebraska)
Southern Ute

 Echota Cherokee Tribe of Alabama Deer Clan 5,000+ members strong.


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