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There are SO many GREAT Native and Native related sites out there, here are just a few that we've discovered so far. We're just getting started expanding our links section, please check back soon (and be sure to click your 'REFRESH' button).

Updated: January 15, 2007

Personal Home Pages & e-Groups:

NDN Artist Portal - The NDN Artist shop.
The Western Pennsylvania Native American Association, Inc. - A group dedicated to the Native American way of life.
Spiritwhisper's Blogspot

Pathwolfs Campfire from Sweden.
Barefoot's World - from the web site "bringing a message of Love and Hope and Peace and Truth into this world for the UNITY of ALL MANKIND and the Return of Constitutional Government to We The People of the United States."
Native American Friends Lodge - This is a place where Native Americans and their friends can meet and sit by the fire, tell stories, laugh and have a good time with other natives.
The Talking Tree - Photos, Writings, Resources, Links, News, Incredible Photos, and much more.
Mikales' Place - Cherokee, Tecumseh, Spirit of the Wolf, Tsalagi, Morning Light, Words of Black Elk, and more.
 Celina Cada - World Class Hoop Dancer
 Vivdustbunny's inspired site. Christian / Native American content.
 She came all the way from Sweden to the '01 GON! Visit Eva Britt's Tipi.
 Shane Ridley-Stevens, 'Big Friendly Indian, of the Te-Moak Tribe of Western Shoshone.'
 BlueWolf's Abenaki Indian Home Page

Native Storytellers:

Joseph Stands With Many - a Cherokee storyteller and educator. He follows traditional Cherokee ways that have been passed down through his family and clan.
 Shane Ridley-Stevens, 'Big Friendly Indian, of the Te-Moak Tribe of Western Shoshone.'  Performer, Speaker, Flute Maker, and more.
 SkyHawkFireHeart Web Site - Official website for Blackfeet/Umatilla artist SkyHawk, with his resume, bio, gallery, travel log, pages for kids and reflections for adults.


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