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Free e-mail

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Why GONmail?
It's FREE!
Send & Receive Attachments.
6mb's of storage space.
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Why GONmail?
 It's SPAM-FREE (NO unauthorized junk mail!)
 It's versatile: Folders, Options, Stationary, and more.

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Tips: This service is offered by Everyone.net - a 3rd party web service provider. We searched for over 6 months to find the best possible service provider, we believe we have. We recommend when you sign up with ANY service to pay close attention to the fields that are 'Required' and 'Optional'. You will be asked to chose to receive offers from Everyone.net or the Gathering of Nations. Please select the option to receive information from the Gathering of Nations.

We send out an occasional newsletter to all of our GONmail subscribers with all of the up-to-date information about the Gathering of Nations and our web site. When the Gathering of Nations sends you offers, please click on the links provided. This helps us pay for some of the costs associated with keeping our site online and the ability to bring you the best services. Thanks.

Sign up for multiple accounts to manage your e-mail. Use one account for personal correspondence, one for business, one for e-mail from offers you've signed up for... there's NO LIMIT to the number of accounts you may have!

There are PLENTY of GREAT login names still available! Sign up for GONmail today!

WEBMASTERS: If you are interested in adding FREE e-mail, message boards with chat, and more to your web site, click on this link: Plug-in-Email by Everyone.net - Offer full-featured, lifetime, web-based @YourDomain (or theirs) email to your site!

Free e-mail


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