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Webmasters (or anyone with a web site),
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Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Clyde Hubbard and I have been the volunteer webmaster for the Gathering of Nations for over 11 years now. During this time, through many "hard knocks" I have had to learn how to create a site that supports itself and the Gathering of Nations, with little or no resources or budget. By no means do I claim to be an expert, and it's amazing how much I am still learning. I have put together some of the best programs I have found on the net that have stood the test of time and help supplement the survival of this site. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.
Let's work together for mutual success; here's to yours!

Banner Advertising:
This is an easy method to generate revenue from banner advertising for your site with the least amount of administration. This method is much easier to manage than an affiliate marketing program. Just insert their code and go. You receive 65% of the ad. revenue. All the details at: FastClick Ad Network  

If you'd like information about advertising on our high traffic site, please click here.

Affiliate Marketing Programs:
Would you like to present your site visitors, friends, and family with great offers from major companies? Affiliate marketing may be for you. We have been using affiliate marketing on our site for over 5 years with good success. The revenue generated from affiliate programs can help supplement your site's income and fray the expenses of keeping a site online. After 5 years of experience with affiliate programs we have found, what we believe, are the best affiliate programs out there. Best of all, they are ALL free to join. Give it a try, you've got nothing to lose.

DirectLeads: If you only sign up with one affiliate program, THIS IS IT. I have been with DirectLeads for over 8 months now. They are by far my favorite and most productive program. They pay the best and have great offers to choose from. They offer the best package with pay-per-click, pay-per-lead, and pay-per-sale programs. They offer MANY tools to add content to your site (like your own freebies section), banner rotation, thorough reporting, and more. DirectLeads.com - Make Money!

Commission Junction: A very good affiliate program. Many merchants to choose from with options for: click through, % of sale, pay for sign up. Good interface, real-time reporting. An overall excellent program. Join the Commission Junction affiliate program!

Click Exchange: Again, many good programs to choose from. Accepts all sites.
clickXchange.com affiliate network- 5% & $10 bonus program - Refer an affiliate and earn 5% of that affiliates earnings forever! As a bonus we will also pay you $10 for each advertising member that joins. We charge no setup fee to advertisers and affiliates join for free.  

I've been with LinkShare the longest. Very reliable, great programs, and excellent customer service. Have a website? Learn how to make money with LinkShare.  

Also, do all of your shopping online through your own offers and get 5 to 15% back for every purchase. Tell your friends to shop through your site. They get great offers and you get a portion of the sale.

FREE site enhancement programs:

Offer Free e-mail, message boards, chat, search, and more FREE on your site. I looked around a long time until discovering Everyone.net. My experience has been very good with their service. Check it out. Plug-in-Email by Everyone.net - Offer full-featured, lifetime, web-based @YourDomain email to your site!

AllPosters.com is another excellent program. Here's how it works...
Hey Webmasters! - Add 50,000 images to your site Free! Join the AllPosters.com Affiliates Program and get access to over 50,000 images for your site. AllPosters.com has images from popular movies, music groups, sports teams, fine art, and more. Adding these images to your site will make it look great.

Plus, you get paid for improving your site with poster/print images! All of the images you use will link to AllPosters.com where your site visitors can make purchases. When they buy something, AllPosters.com pays you 15%-20% of the sale. Its easy to sign-up, build links, and track your sales. Sign up today!

Royalty Free Photos:
  Visit Photos.com - The Premier Subscription-Based Royalty-Free Stock Photography Resource.
  Photospin: 30,000 photographs. illustrations, fonts, audio files, and video clips.
Domain Name Registration:
  Network Solutions: Web Site & Domain Name Registration Service:

Development Tools:
  WebEdit Professional

I'll be adding more to this page in the near future. I've spent MANY hours tracking down the best programs and will only put the best on this page. Feel free to e-mail me any time if I can help.

Best of luck,

Clyde Hubbard, Web Manager
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