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26th Annual Gathering of Nations - 2009 Miss Indian World Traditional Talent & Opening Day
Photos by Le Andra Peters of

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09_OpeningDay_MIW20 09_OpeningDay_MIW21 09_OpeningDay_MIW22 09_OpeningDay_MIW23 09_OpeningDay_MIW24
09_OpeningDay_MIW25 09_OpeningDay_MIW26 09_OpeningDay_MIW27 09_OpeningDay_MIW28 09_OpeningDay_MIW29
09_OpeningDay_MIW3 09_OpeningDay_MIW30 09_OpeningDay_MIW31 09_OpeningDay_MIW32 09_OpeningDay_MIW33
09_OpeningDay_MIW34 09_OpeningDay_MIW35 09_OpeningDay_MIW36 09_OpeningDay_MIW37 09_OpeningDay_MIW38
09_OpeningDay_MIW39 09_OpeningDay_MIW4 09_OpeningDay_MIW40 09_OpeningDay_MIW41 09_OpeningDay_MIW42

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