gathering of nations logo 2019

Miss USA Pageant

Reno, NV

Was there an opportunity to share a message or were you requested to speak on a special topic?

I was not requested to speak, but I did have the opportunity to converse with present, past, and possible future state titleholders and individuals involved in the USA pageant system, about what the title of Miss Indian World is, represents, and serves as.

As a cultural goodwill ambassador of Native American and Indigenous Peoples, what lesson or insight did you gain? 

Serving as a cultural ambassador, on this trip I was fortunate to experience and share pageantry differences. I learned that although this pageant is considered a beauty pageant, the women who compete and participate in them are incredibly talented, intelligent, and do great things with their platforms.

What did you learn about the tribe/community/event?

I learned many of the differences in the pageantry systems as well as Native pageantry