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Boys n Girls Club of the Big Cypress Reservation

Big Cypress Reservation, FL

Was there an opportunity to share a message or were you requested to speak on a special topic?

Yes, I would take turns talking about different topics and portions of the program; and why it was apart of the workshop, and how it would benefit all of them even outside of pageantry. I spoke about confidence, mental health, etiquette, mannerisms, education, public speaking, interviewing, talent, introductions, and responsibility.

Briefly summarize your experience experience and what were the highlights?

The workshop was to help prepare future contestants for introductions, public speaking, interviewing, banquet dinner, talent presentation, stage presence, and being comfortable in their own skin. We did different group activities to get them to open up more and practice the different skills we talked about. It was exciting to see how many girls attended and the even the age range, our youngest was 13 and our oldest was 24. All the former Miss Seminole’s talked about their pageant experience as well as reign experience, covering conversation/interaction, public speaking, presence, and dealing with uncomfortable interactions. I was so proud of all of them. We watched them open up and get more confident in just a few hours. We finished the day by covering history and culture by all going through the museum together.

As a cultural goodwill ambassador of Native American and Indigenous Peoples, what lesson or insight did you gain?

Girls empowering girls is so powerful and getting a group of Seminole or native girls together was good medicine for me. I left Big Cypress happy and full that day.

What did you learn about the tribe/community/event?

I learned how important these workshops are! I hope we continue doing these annually and preparing these girls not just for the pageant, but for life.