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Seminole Tribe Celebrates Cheyenne Winning Miss Indian World Title

Hollywood, FL

What was your role or duties?

My duty at this event was to have my first appearance and give my first speech as Miss Indian World in front of my own community.

Was there an opportunity to share a message or were you requested to speak on a special topic?

Yes, I gave my speech which takes about my journey before I ran for Miss Seminole, my 8 months as Miss Seminole, competing for Miss Indian World, and the goals I’ve chosen to accomplish as Miss Indian World. I talked about my battle with depression and anxiety and I spoke of the representation I hope to see for Indigenous people.

Briefly summarize your experience experience and what were the highlights?

It was a very honoring experience. This was the first celebratory event for one person that has ever been held by my tribe before. It was exciting to be in front of my own people and speak. My tribal officials all spoke and congratulated me and our productions department composed a video titled “Journey from Miss Seminole to Miss Indian World,” which made me boo-hoo cry. My favorite moment was introducing myself as Miss Indian World for the first time in front of everyone. As a cultural goodwill ambassador of Native American and Indigenous Peoples, what lesson or insight did you gain? I got to see how proud everyone was. I’ve gained a new insight in what it is I can do for my people by sharing my story of mental health.