gathering of nations logo 2019

American Indian Arts Celebration

Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum on the Big Cypress reservation


I was happy to introduce myself to our guests and share what my title is, what is represents, and what my role is. I got to share some of our arts and crafts and history with visiting students and guests.  I love this event! The American Indian Arts Celebration brings together different tribes with different arts, music, and dancing to showcase the beauty of Native American and Indigenous people. In it’s 22nd year, the event was originally put together to celebrate the opening of our Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Musuem, but it has turned into a celebration of who we are as Natvies. Presentations of powwow dancing, stickball, singing, alligator wrestling, a frybread contest, and the 1491s comedy skits brought together a crowd from all over the world! This year I had my own demonstration booth where I talked about Seminole history, patchwork and clothing, beading, and my title. For two days, guests made their way to the Big Cypress reservation and experienced the similarities and differences of Natives and Indigenous people from North America and South America. I was happy to be joined by friends from Oklahoma and my own community.   I realized the work that still needs to be done in helping to break down stereotypes of Natives and Indigenous people, like pan-Indigenism.