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11/19/2012: Dr. Lita Gets good News from the Doctors!

11/19/2012: Dr. Lita Gets good News from the Doctors!
November 19, 2012

by LeAndra Madalena

It was on Wednesday November 14th, that Dr. Lita Mathews’ Hepatitis C treatment program crossed a major mile stone. If you recall from previous blog entries, it was mentioned that by the 12th week of the treatment program, the Hep C viral count had to be below 100. If not below 100 the treatment would be stopped in order to prevent the body to becoming immune to the to the drug cocktail treatment. It was after Lita`s week 8 check up that the doctors at the Mayo clinic informed her that the Hep C viral count was not only below 100, it was completely undetectable. This information was received by Lita Mathews and her family as great news! However with the news, the treatment will continue for another twenty four to thirty six weeks.
The purpose for continuing the treatment is to attempt to beat down and to destroy the virus. The treatment has provide Lita with several weekly challenges as to dealing with side effects such as the flu like symptoms: constant runny nose, body aches, foot swelling, and overall exhausted feeling. The worst day for her was Thursday. Thursday is the day after she receives the Ribavirin injection. The Ribavirin is one of three drugs required for her to take. The other two drugs are in pill form and taken daily.
Lita is a strong and determined person, however the added support of her family and close friends seems to be providing her the added strength and confidence to complete the program. Her goal is to finally get rid of this horrible blood virus once and for all, then return to the life she enjoys. Lita Mathews wishes to thank all of you for the support and prayers given. Please have a safe and enjoyable holiday season!