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In these difficult and unusual times as we, humankind, face this global pandemic, we thank you all for your concern and hope you are all taking good care and precautions. We are very aware of select information being circulated through social media and are understanding of this natural occurrence and tendencies when frustrations arise. Please keep in mind this is only partial information being circulated and this fallout we (you, us, citizens around the world) all face, personally and financially, are the challenges all organizations and events are facing throughout the world. Everyone in the world has taken a financial hit which is being address by individuals, organizations, Governments; in various ways and initially there is only so much anyone can do.

Everyone, every Powwow, is aware that people are not happy with the immediate processes, and please keep in mind everyone, every Powwow, event, business, person, is taking an immediate unrecoverable loss with purchases and services that were paid for in advance that go along with every Powwow and event. There is just no way around the losses, and obligations, through this global shut down and we all definitely feel, and share, everyone’s frustration, dissatisfaction and disappointment. There have also been very supportive and understanding communications, which all of us appreciate and we send out our support and appreciation back universally.  While it is not everyone’s concern, all appropriate initial communication has been established including GON Powwow, Indian Traders Market, Stage 49, Miss Indian World programs, contracted services and so much more.

Official communication and announcement will still be made directly and also through our website. And yes we haven’t responded to each comment, this is physically impossible, and yes, some comments have been deleted for various reasons or people blocked (this has always been ongoing for as long as social media was created) and yes, we will still look forward to hearing from you negative or positive.  It is step by step and day by day during this time and we will be announcing online events shortly, which do include the creation of an online Indian Traders Market in support of this years’ vendors (friendly reminder to the vendors to respond to your emails).

We are also sending encouragement and prayers to all, especially the medicine people on the front lines and within our Tribal communities. Sending Blessings to all and please look out for, look after and protect each other. Respectfully, Gathering of Nations

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