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Dr. Lita Mathews Gets Good Report at Mayo Clinic May 1, 2014

Dr. Lita Mathews Gets Good Report at Mayo Clinic
May 1, 2014

by Dr. Lita

The week of May 20, 2014, after a few days of R & R on the Southern California Beach,May 2014 Dr. Lita Mathews and her family pulled into The Mayo Clinic in Phoenix Arizona for her 4th annual Post Liver Transplant Check-up. As usual the week long check began before 7:00 a.m. with a full spectrum of blood tests. Over 20 viles of blood were drawn from her right arm.
Later that day, and throughout the following 3 days Lita was poked, prodded and scanned. One of the biggest portions of the exam was the liver biopsy. The week long exam concluded with several consultations with the doctors and nurses of her Mayo Clinic team. The results of the exams showed that all was good for Lita. In fact the report was most similar to last year
One of the meetings with the doctors was to discuss Lita beginning once again another treatment to rid her of Hepatitis C. As was discussed earlier in the blog, Hepatitis C is a viral blood disease which attacks and devastates the liver and other organs of the body.
The goal is to stop the Hep C Virus before it has a chance to destroy her new liver. This new treatment is expected to begin near the 1st of July, and run for just 12 weeks. Unlike the other treatments to fight Hep C, this one is said to have fewer side effects and in clinical trials had greater than 85 percent rate of success.
So Dr. Lita and her family are not excited but encouraged that this time will be the cure. While on the treatment Lita intends to travel and dance at powwows around Indian Country this summer. The doctors have encouraged her to stay active and continue doing the this she enjoys doing.
The only warning is to protect her self from the harsh rays of the sun. She is excited about returning to the summer powwow trail to dance, compete and visit with friends.