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March 2015- Dr. Lita Mathews Now Hep C-free!!!

Dr. Lita

Dr. Lita smilingIt was Thursday afternoon – March 5th, 2015 when Lita and her family got the news from the Mayo Clinic that she was now determined to be free of the Hepatitis C Virus. This long health journey has spanned nearly forty years since Dr. Lita was first infected with the virus. It was not until about a decade ago that medical science had found success in treating Hep C. Lita`s recent battle with the illness began in 2008 when the disease had completely compromised her liver. In 2010 she received a liver transplant from a living donor, a native woman from Santa Clara Pueblo in New Mexico. The transplant was preformed in May 2010. The transplant was a success, however the Hepatitis C virus remained in her blood. The Mayo Clinic then attempted a treatment to fight and remove the virus, however it was too strong for Lita’s body. At the mid-point of the treatment period, it was stopped. This particular chemo like treatment nearly killed her. In June of 2014 the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix began another treatment which demonstrated a greater success and far less side effects. The treatment period was 12 weeks. At the end of the treatment period a series of blood test would follow up. With each blood test the results were negative – no signs of Hep C. The Final Blood test was conducted on February 26 in Albuquerque New Mexico. The results were then sent to the doctors at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix to read and determine.

Throughout the entire journey from 2008 till now, Dr. Lita remained hopeful and spiritually aligned. With Derek and Melonie by her side she was determined to win this battle. She truly believes that the many prayers from around the world and the traditional ceremonies were instrumental in this great victory. Throughout these past seven years Lita has continued to stay focused on tradition, the Gathering of Nations Pow Wow and her dancing at other powwows. She feels that the songs from the drums and the rhythms felt in her body as she danced provided her with additional inner strength.
Once again Dr. Lita Mathews and her family humbly thank everyone for the continued support and prayer through all of this time. “What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been“.
This will be the final blog entry. However the entire blog will remain available on the Gathering of Nations Web Site for all to read.