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12/9/2010: Dr. Lita Mathews Returns To The Mayo Clinic For The Transplant Reunion

Updated: 04/29/2022

Number Drum Name Northern/Southern Location
1 Mo Town S Red Lake, MN
2 Otter Trail S Apache, OK
3 The Descendants N New Town, ND
4 Meskwaki Nation N Tama, IA
5 Cree Confederation N St. Paul, Alberta
6 Ho Chunk Station
7 Iron Star N San Felipe Pueblo, NM
8 Black Eagle N
9 Rose Hill S
10 Blazing Bear S
11 Lightning Horse N
12 Bull Horn N
13 Young Spirit N
14 War Thunder N
15 Blue Medicine Wheel N
16 Buc Wild S
17 Cozad S
18 Sharpshooter N
19 Thunder Boyz N
20 Iron Hill N
21 Wild Horse N
22 Southern Slam S
23 Show Time N
24 Young Tribe N
25 The Horses N
26 Indian Hill N